Our Products

Coagmentum has built, deployed and licensed multiple products from its Precise Product Suite to the PASS Suite. On this page you can find information about the Precise Product Suite while you can access information regarding the PASS products at the PASS page.

Precise Product Suite

The Precise Product Suite; PreciseRef, PreciseTag, PreciseSearch, PreciseCollect and PreciseDirectory is an integrated set of products that provides Meta, Reference and content data collection and management. These products are built by integrating multiple agile Coagmentum tools to address needs of information and data aggregators and vendors. These tools are configurable components that allow the client to setup a data Extraction, Transformation, Loading, Mapping, Cleansing and Reporting operation using an entitled user centric workflow system.


Their Features:

  • Diverse entities management with relationships
  • Integrated Data Management workflow
  • Flexible, adaptable, configurable and business rules driven
  • Scalable and extensible architecture high performance web tools
  • Central repository with web based tools management
  • Least cost solution

Their Key Benefit:

  • Enables highest quality content for end-user applications, affordably
  • An integrated implementation of the “Precise” products and tools is found in "Solutions".

PreciseRef is a highly configurable integrated system that manages data feeds, maps content across multiple sources, rollup entities to their parents and generates Golden Copies based on configurable business rules. PreciseRef provides ease of use - no developers needed to add new data sources, entities, attributes or relationships. Golden copies are generated based on configurable business rules that include “preferred provider”, “Majority Rule” or specialized algorithms. PreciseRef allow analysts to easily setup a data Extraction, Transformation, Loading, Mapping, Cleansing and Reporting operation using an entitled user centric workflow system.


Creating a corporate knowledge-Base requires content that is tagged and stored and is easily available. PreciseTag provides the ability to load content into a content management system and use Ontology, Taxonomy, Thesauri and reference data to tag it for precision searching. PreciseTag utilizes automated indexing and validation with user override through an operations workflow to insure high quality. PreciseTag prepares content for Precision Searching.


Within an organization, historical and new content provides a wealth of information that has been rarely re-used. Searching for a specific content should not be a daunting task. Searching through content in an organization that does not utilize advanced Knowledge management systems yields a large volume of results (information overload). PreciseSearch addresses this situation and insures a focused set of precise results are returned. PreciseSearch works in conjunction with PreciseTag to return highly focused and precise search results.

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