The Product Acoustic Signature System (“PASS”) is a handheld device that when placed against a container wall identifies liquids and can detect hidden compartments inside that container. This is the only product in the world today that is able to do this. PASS Youtube Demo

  • Inspection Instruments Unique in the Marketplace.
  • Non-Intrusive, Non-Destructive, Acoustic Detection  Devices.
  • Handheld and Battery Operated – Highly Portable.
  • Fast, Easy and Secure use on sealed containers of various sizes.

PASS Video

What is PASS

The Product Acoustic Signature System ("PASS") is a non-intrusive, non-destructive acoustic detection device that is handheld and battery operated, making it highly portable. It is used fast, easy, and secure on sealed containers of various sizes ranging from 2 inches to 8 feet in diameter. This device detects submerged contraband or hidden objects or compartments, classifies material contents, exposes containers/commodities that are fraudulently labeled, flags containers with ”like” from “unlike” items, and determines container fill levels. It's security application use is at border crossings, security checkpoints, and high value locations. PASS is exclusively manufactured by Spearhead Innovations. Click here for PASS 500 information sheet.

How Does It Work
  • PASS measures the speed of sound through an unknown material at a known distance and temperature.
  • This acoustic velocity is compared with values in a database to identify or classify material.
  • When a signal does not reach a known distance, contraband or a hidden compartment may be present.


What Does it Do
  • Detect submerged contraband or hidden objects or compartments.
  • Classify/ID material contents (by name if in database).
  • Expose containers/commodities fraudulently labeled.
  • Flag containers with ”like” from “unlike” items.
  • Determine and Monitor container fill levels.


Modes of Operation

Material ID Mode

  Identify/Classify liquids and solids based on signature matching

  • Determine fill level of containers

Contraband Mode

   Detect hidden compartments and submerged contraband

Alarm Mode

   Expose containers with contents unlike those surrounding

Monitor Mode

  • Monitor fill levels continuously from a central location

Time to read a signal is 5 seconds or less

PASS Success Stories

PASS has achieved multiple rewards (R&D 100) and has scored very high in surveys (Chemical, Biological, Radiological Technology Survey). In addition, it had real success stories in the field (catching Colombian drug smuggling ring by the Australian Customs).  

Client List

Client List
US Navy - PACD
US Office of National Drug Control Policy and Drug Enforcement Administration
US Department of Homeland Security
US Department of State
US Army
US Air Force

First Responders (NY, PA, CT, MD)
Australian Customs


Procumbent Phase
Mexico customs
Mexico Navy

Extended Development
US Navy underwater operations

Safeware-12 months-65 units

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