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Coagmentum Corp. provides quality low-cost products, solutions and services from Cross-Reference (X-Ref), data management products and tools to distribution and deployment of Security products and Monitoring Systems.


Coagmentum Corp is the exclusive distributor in the Middle East and North Africa of the PASS, an Acoustic Signature Detection Technology system. Coagmentum Corp has built data collection and monitoring system around PASS for the Customs, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries.


Our Services

Coagmentum provides least cost development consulting services that offer solid experience in the analysis, design, development and deployment of Meta and Reference data applications. Coagmentum provides technical, Industry focused and Operations resources to help clients meet their resource needs.

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Our Products

Coagmentum has built a set of products and agile tools that are integrated to provide Meta and Reference data collection and management.


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Simple, agile, configurable solutions for financial data aggregators, customs, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and web portals are designed developed and deployed by Coagmentum.


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PASS 500 in Egypt - Friday, February 17, 2012

PASS 500 was introduced to the Egyptian security agencies, customs and national guard on February 12th with positive results. The security agencies showed interest in incorporating PASS 500 in their toolsets. Also, PASS 500 was introduced to Egyptian Petrochemical industry  executives who are interested in minimizing Fuel fraud.

PASS 500 Demonstration in Kuwait, UAE and Jordan - Friday, December 16, 2011

The PASS team performed a trip to the Middle East to introduce PASS 500 inspection system to Triple E of Kuwait on December 4th, UAE Customs on the 7th and to Jordan Customs on the 9th. This trip is one of many trips to introduce PASS 500 in the Middle East.

PASS Middle East Distributor - Friday, October 14, 2011

Spearhead Innovations, the exclusive sole source for the PASS series acoustic products (patent number 7246522), and “Coagmentum Corp” a Maryland Corporation, has been granted the Exclusive right to distribute Spearhead Products in the Middle East and to appoint Re-distributors and Marketing agents for such products in the Middle East for five years.

SEC 13D Ingester Integration - Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coagmentum Corp has released the latest SEC 13D Ingester that is integrated into the PrecieRef product set. The 13D Ingester can extract all the 13D filing information to include holdings, investors groups, transactions and their footnotes.

PreciseRef V2.0 - Monday, June 15, 2009

Coagmentum Corp has release version 2.0 of the PreciseRef integrated tool set. PrecieRef is the Entity Management data integration tools. The main enhancement of Version 2.0 is the seamless integration of the business rules within the framework.

About Us

Coagmentum Corp. is a Least Cost Global Business Process Integration Provider, through Harnessing X-ref Data, Managing Technology, Fostering Cooperation and Collaboration with our Partners; to Achieve Greater Synergies and Faster Solutions to Market with Larger Return On Investment.


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